Additional Self Storage

Storage Tips

Additional Self Storage Tips

  • Leave a path to the rear of the unit.
  • Place frequently used items near the front of the unit.
  • Use freestanding shelves.
  • Do not put screws or nails in walls or hang anything from or across walls.
  • Avoid stacking boxes too high.
  • Clean all the furniture, appliance and clothing to remove crumbs, stains or oils.
  • Cover upholstered and wood furniture with cloth, not plastic.
  • Appliances must be thoroughly clean and dry.
  • Keep freezer and refrigerator doors slightly ajar.
  • Remove vacuum cleaner bags and cover openings.
  • Store mattresses and box springs on long edges.
  • Wrap for protection and elevate off floor.
  • Store each mirror and glass top in a sturdy crate on edge, not flat.
  • To preserve metal, wipe surface with a cloth containing drops of machine oil.
  • Do not store food, plants or any other items that may attract insects or pests.
  • Do not store soaps or aromatics.
  • Do not store flammable, hazardous, pressurized or toxic materials nor liquids and aerosols that may spill or burst.
  • Drain oil and gas from equipment.
  • Put heavy cardboard under all machinery to avoid staining the concrete floor.

Customers are responsible to clean-up any spills/stains caused by their contents.

Rodents and bugs can be a real problem in storage facilities, often staining or damaging goods. When shopping for a storage provider, take a look around the facility and get a sense of how clean it is. A good company is always willing to give you a tour.

Security is the key. You’d want your goods to be safe at home, so why expect less from your storage facility? Secure facilities offer good lighting, and digital surveillance cameras.

Height matters. The higher the ceilings in your unit, the more you can store in a smaller unit size. That saves you money.

Homeowners insurance often doesn’t cover goods stored in a self storage facility. Check with your insurance provider to ensure you are covered. If not, a good facility will be able to help you arrange insurance.

General Packing Tips

Spending a few extra moments while packing can save hours of frustration in the future.

  • Make a list of materials needed – boxes, bubble wrap, unpainted paper, tape, marking pens, rope, drop cloths, mattress and furniture covers, etc.
  • Start packing items not normally used on a daily basis like knickknacks, books, holiday decorations, excess linens etc. at least two weeks before moving day.
  • When packing boxes, limit the weight to approximately 30 lbs. Heavy items should be packed in small boxes. They’re easier to lift, and will be less likely to break.
  • Never over-pack boxes. The added weight could injure your back, and a burst box is no fun to pick up in the rain.
  • Under-filled boxes tend to collapse under the weight of full ones.
  • Label all boxes and mark the room it goes in and FRAGILE for breakables.
  • Make the most efficient use of your space by disassembling furniture (e.g. remove table legs) and wrapping it for protection against scratches and dents.
  • Wrap glass items individually, nest cups and bowls, and stack plates/saucers/platters on edge instead of laying them flat.
  • Clean and dry appliances before storage. Keep refrigerator or freezer doors slightly open.
  • Never store anything in plastic bags. Humidity changes will cause mildew that will damage just about anything.

What Not To Store

  • Dog food, cat food, bird seed or any other pet food
  • Spices
  • Flour, rice, any type of grain or legumes
  • Cereal, biscuit mix, cake mix
  • Sugar
  • Pot Pourri – usually made of dried petals and spices
  • Flammable substances such as cleaning fluid, gasoline, paint, etc. You can safely store lawn mowers and other items with small engines, but drain the gasoline and oil first.
  • Explosives
  • Toxic materials
  • Live plants or animals
  • Christmas decorations made of food:
  • Popcorn/cranberry strings
  • bread dough ornaments
  • wreaths with candy
  • wreaths with nuts
  • fruits popcorn or other perishables

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